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Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. OneSource is a full-service provider of Professional Maintenance Care and Landscape Construction services. We believe that this is accomplished by our process of complete the communication process and partnering with our homeowners to ensure that nothing gets missed. From Our Company Ownership to our Quality Assurance officers to our technicians our automated system helps us complete this communication process. Start services and Download our Phone App and let us go to work.


We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly landscape Maintenance packages. Call or email to schedule a free estimate.

During our maintenance visits, our team will:

  • Mow your Lawn
  • Line trim (Weedeat) around all grass areas
  • Trim all bushes and hedges to the appropriate sizes and shapes to promote healthy growth
  • Trim Trees to the ‘Standing’ Level
  • Spray any visible weeds
  • Blow out rock areas to be clean of debris
  • Clean all driveway and sidewalk areas to be free of yard clipping
  • Visually inspect irrigation system for damage (Missing dripper emitters, broken sprinkler heads, etc …)
  • Seasonally adjust automatic sprinkler timer for seasonal water changes


We are available to provide miscellaneous cleanup services as needed.  We can provide the same services offered to our regular maintenance clients as a one-time service.


Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns such as reducing your air conditioning and irrigation costs, controlling erosion, and shielding your site from harmful wind.

As your trees mature, we take into account their changing scale and recommend adjustments to the surrounding landscape.


  • Palm tree trimming
  • Mesquite tree pruning
  • Palo Verde tree pruning
  • Sissoo tree trimming
  • Citrus tree pruning
  • Expert selection of healthy nursery stock
  • Careful installation
  • Feeding and watering program through maturation
  • Treating for insects and disease
  • Pruning for health, safety, and aesthetic appeal
  • Green tree services for sustainable landscapes
  • If you would like to learn more of our Tree Care services please contact us. Phone: 480-378-3111, Email:

During tree pruning, we trim overgrown limbs and diseased or dead branches. If you find your tree too dense, our tree pruning experts trim it down by removing branches from strategic places.

We know that when done properly, tree pruning offers multiple benefits and makes trees beautiful, healthy and safe. We have the expertise to do tree pruning accurately so that your property flaunts trees that

  • Look magnificent
  • Grow well
  • Live long
  • Present no hindrance or safety hazard

Tree pruning involves a number of techniques, such as crown thinning, crown raising, crown cleaning and crown reduction. Depending upon your trees’ condition and your specific reasons for getting tree pruning done, we use one or a combination of these techniques to shape your trees to your satisfaction.


Broken Sprinkler head?  Need more water on a tree or bush?  We can take care of those problems for you.  If you want to change your automatic timer we can help with that. Want to hook up a rain gauge to accurately measure needed water, we can do that too.


Overseeding Winter Rye requires that we scalp the entire lawn.

If your Bermuda lawn is healthy and vigorous, you can overseed. However, there are some cautions and tips before you decide if overseeding is right for you. You must have full sun and be prepared to water and mow all winter. If you don’t mind the extra maintenance and care, then overseeding could be for you. But, we’d recommend that you skip years to give your warm season lawn a chance to recover.